A downloadable travesty for Windows, macOS, and Linux

スーパードンキーコング D R E A M A K E
Donkey Kong Country is a 1994 platforming video game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Vaporwave (British English: vapourwave)[16] is a microgenre of electronic music[2] and an Internet meme[17] that emerged in the early 2010s.[

Install instructions

Windows ***- 🍌
Mac** -

Linux *- close sources have confirmed it to be working
*** 今すぐ32ビットで!!!!


DonkeyKong_Linux.zip 64 MB
DonkeyKong_Mac.zip 63 MB
DonkeyKong_Windows.zip 49 MB
スーパードンキーコング D R E A M A K E 窓32.zip 48 MB

Development log


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素晴らしい。This is amazing.


is it gonna be a 32-bit version?

because i only have a 32-bit windows 7

your request is... unusual. not for ages have we been asked to lower our bits to that archaic, most foul level

the council has been summoned. the bananas have been prepared. we will perform that forbidden ritual once the cursed stars of the ape  god  align

and maybe, just maybe . . .

hi. the company has released an offical statement as of 2017/09/18 which will hopefully reach you somehow please direct any and all further inquires to your local union representative and/or domesticated pan paniscus


yeah it’s pretty good

Full review: https://kratzen.neocities.org/reviews/2017-06/donkey-kong-exe-review.html

Also I’m boycotting your products for copyright infringement. Next time learn to respect the


By the way, thanks for introducing me to the seapunk masterpiece that is DISNEY PRINCE$$. I feel like a normie whenever I say that music has the opportunity to affect the way one thinks about the world, but if we live in one where we can get audial productions that layer hopelessness, vapidity, uncertainty, and a bunch of other adjectives for the Teenage Dream, then it must be a pretty decent one, indeed. It’s something that I’m thinking about with my own production, putting those big ideas, these big stories, into such a small package. Seeing it paired up against Cranky Kong on Japanese commercials is an experience one only gets the equivalent of maybe… once a year?

Then again, it could just be me. But nobody puts songs into their work because they don’t like them, right?

i had a long discussion with my lawyers regarding the legality of remixing a SNES game but basically decided i can take Nintendo's strike team out utilizing gorilla tactics as long as i've stretched and they have the wind to their back.

i think you need to ponder less the size of packages. it really doesn't matter as long as it's yours and you keep it trimmed. better a big story idea crammed into something too small than ten in the jungle.

oh and thanks for introducing me to my namesake the furry artist to whom i definitely bear no semblance to now, in the past, or in the future past b-baka



per your bullying i added a link to the sauce in the links section. i do not know where it will show up. i guess that's just one of life's little mysteries. also it might just be you can't find it. maybe you never will. it's probably for the best



what's the song that plays during the "donkey kong is dead" sequence?

nvm found it

but if donkey is dead...... who was banana phone??

we don't know. life goes on.

the world keeps turning. in the funky end,  a gorilla wearing sunglasses is leaning on a surfboard, beckoning us with a wide smile to take his hand and ride the waves to the greatest unknown 🤙🏾

So Idk what I played, but I still had fun haha, I saw and looked at a majority of the other videos, I didnt get the ending properly I guess nothing but a pink screen but I mean the nostalgia was great too! I mean was like my childhood came back corrupted! :D thank you guys for giving me the chance to play this!

cheers fam!
also congrats on getting the exclusive super secret ending where the carefully designed fundamentally broken experience is somehow even more broken by not even existing!!
please contact

Chiquita Brands L.L.C. DCOTA Office Center 1855 Griffin Road Suite C-436 Fort Lauderdale FL 33004-2275

for a full refund*
* store credit and stickers only

Whats The Music When Cranky Kong Falls Into Japanese Commercials?

death's dynamic shroud.wmw - DISNEY PRINCE$$ 🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾🍌

hi, big thx for this really disturbing .exe game ;) i love it :) i want more bananas ;) it's so dark and scary, great. greetings from germany

there are always bananas and people eager to pick them, sometimes it feels like all we do is pick bananas and eat bananas just topick them again, right? anyway thanks germany <3

What is this?


That doesn't explain anything xD

i think a lot of things we just need to figure out ourselves you know like we all as individuals need to ask ourselves, who are we really? why are we? what is art? what is the meaning of life? is there a god? do video game gorillas go to heaven? what is this game? if we die and forget our lives, have we ever really lived? do android monkeys dream of electric banana bands? i think in the end we just need to find OUR truth you know? good luck on your journey frie

True xD This is by far the most weirdest thing I've seen lately.

hey you're a sight21 to behold yourself we don't judge here

awesome Job on the Game

awesome Job on Being You (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

hello SeruK my name is Robert thanks for Following me

This is b e a utiful. Thank you for your time.


is the soundtrack available somewhere? it's 1dur ful


the dk remix:



T H A T ' S L I T F A M

(1 edit)

Mother of god. Nice trip. How did that "bug effect" with shaking screen?

unfortunately a thousand monkeys for a thousand years can only manage a finite amount of polish. we regret that we released the game in an unsatisfactory state and a crack team of another thousand monkeys are working around the clock to fix any and all bugs, glitches, and rips in the space-time continuum

A R T.

only if it made you cry

I test it on 64-bit linux (manjaro) and works perfect

that is excellent my man(key)! may the gods grant you bountiful banana harvests

i'm 12 and what is this


hey kid wanna try some real shit vidya garnes