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Enter the cybernetic future of tomorrow

  • Play as a crack team of cybernet hackers infiltrating the server farm of mega-corporation Moonstone Enterprises

  • Move as one as you battle Data Hellhounds, Tracer Trolls and the dreaded Security Daemon

  • Hunt for the three Cyber Floppies and steal them for your employer

  • Uncover whom among you have been hijacked by Moonstone and replaced by Artifical Conversational Entities (A. C. E.)

  • Try to survive the hostile data depths, where anything and anyone can spell your digital doom

Moonstone: Covert Intrusion Cyber Squad is a board made by Sebastian Strand and Emil Nilsson for No More Sweden 2017 and is currently physical only. This page will (probably) be updated with actual rules and content.

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Published 72 days ago
StatusIn development