Two competing spy agencies have sent agents to retrieve the same data disk. Extract as much information as possible by holding the disk. Race to the top of the corporate headquarters and escape with the hovercraft.

Playable using two controllers or on a single keyboard.

Recommended controls: Controllers using Dpad for movement
Default keyboard controls: WASD + FG / Arrow Keys + KL

Input can be remapped in the main menu. Input is limited to the quirkiness of WebGL and Rewired.  Canvas needs to be focused and a button needs to be poked on a controller in order for the system to detect it.

This game was created for Retrospelsmässan‘s 2015 game jam. I've cleaned it up a bit since then, but overall it's the same.

Graphics - Daniel Ågren (@slapmybitsup,

Audio - Mårten Jonsson (@JMartenJ,

Programming - Sebastian Strand (@SeruK_), Anton Hansson

Install instructions

Linux and Mac versions untested. Let me know if they (don't) work! 


UltraCyber Linux (Universal) 50 MB
UltraCyber OSX (Universal) 47 MB
UltraCyber Windows (32-bit) 32 MB
UltraCyber Windows (64-bit) 34 MB

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